Ahead of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill second reading debate on 17th November 2015 in the House of Lords, the Disability Benefits Consortium has produced a briefing to aid Peers in the debate.

The briefing focuses on the cuts to benefits and the impact on disabled people, their families and carers. In particularly it highlights the proposed cut to Employment and Support Allowance for new claimants in the Work Related Activity Group (ESA-WRAG).

You can download the briefing here:

DBC briefing on Welfare Bill HoL 2R 17.11.2015

For further information contact the DBC Parliamentary Co-Chair Rob Holland.


4 thoughts on “Welfare Reform and Work Bill briefing for the House of Lords second reading debate

  1. It’s absolutely criminal that the most vulnerable in society have to pay the price,often with their lives, because of the greed of the wealthy. A total shameful reflection of our greed-led Country.

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