Responding to today’s mortality statistics on those who are on Employment and Support Allowance and Incapacity Benefit, Rob Holland, Parliamentary Lead at Royal Mencap Society and Co-Chair of the Disability Benefits Consortium, said:

‘These tragic figures are concerning and warrant further investigation. We know the fit for work test is failing disabled people, with devastating consequences. Wrong decisions can mean people are left with little or no support at all, in some cases struggling to pay for their homes and basic essentials like food and heating. The Government must act now to reform the work capability assessment so it is fair for disabled people and those with health and medical conditions. Indeed there is real concern that the process itself is stressful and can in fact worsen people’s conditions.

The figures also come in the context of further proposed cuts to the welfare system, which will leave people with a disability with less support and push them further to moments of crisis. These figures should act as a stark warning to the Government to improve the fit for work test and ensure disabled people get the level of support they need.’

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