“Mending the holes” – the DBC report setting out costed proposals to restore lost disability elements to Universal Credit – was launched on 17 October at a seminar at the House of Lords, chaired by Lord Low of Dalston.

Sue Royston, who researched and wrote the report for the DBC, took an audience of parliamentarians, benefit specialists, DBC members and DWP observers through the ten recommendations designed to remove income losses and work disincentives, comparing UC with the outgoing (and itself far from perfect) “legacy” system.

Whether improving UC or (as Labour proposes) replacing it, the DBC report sets out a specific plan to tackle weaknesses.

The report was well-received, being recognised as a package of measures that could fix problems and genuinely simplify a complex system. You can read the report here.

The DBC will now pursue these recommendations with Ministers and opposition parties. We want to see these issues placed firmly on the political agenda.


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