The DBC welcomes the Prime Minister’s commitment to kick-start a drive to tackle the injustices faced by disabled people. We look forward to engaging with Government on the forthcoming Green Paper focused on improving support for those receiving disability benefits, whether in or out of work. We know that many disabled people struggle to get the financial support that they need and face a complex and often confrontational benefits system that is drastically in need of reform. We hope that the Green Paper will look at how assessments and decision making can be improved and that people receive the appropriate level of financial support that tackles poverty allowing disabled people to be play a greater role in society.

One thought on “Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister

  1. The assessments of sick and disabled people are a total scam. Put in place to line the pockets of corporations and to punish the sick/disabled for being sick/disabled. Most score little then have to wait kong periods for appeal if they manage to survive long enough they mostly win appeal then the whole process starts again. A truly sickening regime.

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