19 December 2018

The DBC welcomes the Committee’s report which confirms the disability sector’s concerns with Universal Credit and the potentially disastrous consequences for disabled people if the Government gets the transition to UC wrong.

The DBC has long argued that the cuts to the disability premiums must be reversed and that disabled claimants, who have not yet undergone a Work Capability Assessment must have their disability recognised in what the work coaches require them to do, and in the payments they receive.

The DBC has also long warned of the ‘sink or swim’ approach of managed migration proposed by the Government.

In line with the Committee the DBC is therefore calling on the Government to do much more to ensure that the migration process is indeed an orderly transition and that disabled people are pro-actively supported through the process and nobody will lose their benefits as a result of migrating to UC.

3 thoughts on “DBC response to Work and Pensions Committee report on Universal Credit

  1. The DWP has not made any of the changes promised to ensure that people entitled to PIP get the correct outcome . Every day there are horror stories caused by liars working for ATOS and DWP decision makers (usually low level staff given power but not training)
    The death toll continues to rise and the UK is virtually shunned by the UN. for its human rights violations. The last time a group of people were systematically persecuted and executed we said “NEVER AGAIN” but we allow this government to commit the same attrocities but more slowly. I would rather be killed by a bullet than starvation but after 3 years of being denied basic living expenses my liver has eaten itself. I will die soon if I don’t get a transplant and the government will say it’s not their fault . Well it is their fault ! It’s Brede Kelley from ATOS who lied on every single part of my PIP application action, and it’s Anna Hanna, David Brown., Kevin Mcguiness from DWP’s fault for twisting the rules to play nasty tricks on me, it’s also P Twyman from the DWP fraud squad who made false accusations that I disproved in one sentence, but when I pointed out fraud committed by DWP staff stopped replying to me .
    The DWP is nothing less than a terrorist organisation and should be investigated.
    I have not changed any names to protect anyone, they deserve anythingt they get

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