The Disability Benefits Consortium of over 80 charities and organisations has launched its 2017 Big Benefits Survey, which aims to better understand disabled people’s experience of applying for and claiming disability benefits.

Take the Big Benefits Survey here 

We know that disabled people often struggle to get the financial support they need. We want to hear from as many disabled people as possible so we can understand what is and isn’t working well.

The survey asks about claimants’ experiences of the benefits system, particularly Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. Responses will be kept anonymous, unless respondees offer to be contacted further.

The anonymous evidence provided will help us to campaign for a fairer benefits system for all disabled people. Anyone who has supported individuals to apply for these benefits is welcome to fill it in of their behalf.

2 thoughts on “Tell us about your experience of claiming disability benefits

  1. I was getting DLA.was told that I have to go to a pip asasment.I was on the highest DLA and after going to see them.they said I would only get £56-10 a week and are taking the car of I will be a prisoner in my house.

  2. I was awarded high rate DLA for my mobility indefinite 15yrs ago I had to apply for pip in Jan 2017 I have copd that was my ailment I have over the years deteriorated and suffer with mixed mental health problems and osteoarthritis evidence with my gp went for my assessment with my cousin it was stressful traumatic etc I got my pip letter saying I had enhance care and I got standard for my mobility cut to the chace the assessor. Had literally made up every single thing to do with my mobility she even said i had told her where we parked which is the cae park they use and I had strolled over to there office and I strolled into the room which in total adds up to 125m no pain no breathlessness no inhaler used I may aswell of floated in the air I hopped on the exam bed and hopped off my cousin was with me at all times omg she must of got me muddled up I used my inhaler am constant pain arthritis waist down and both shoulders down my right hand is severely deformed as she passed a pen for me to sign whatever she could see I cudnt hold it and swapped to my left hand to try and make my mark omg I was sobbing when I got my desicion I thought omg what am I going to do how can this happen so a mandatory reconsideration was applied for I said plz would you look at the cameras in waiting room outside the building coming in I begged them to please do this as I was not lying this desicion came back they would not change the original desicion where do you go to now obvs there was no cameras so this lady had just ruined my life obvs I’ll appeal what can I say at an appeal they lied and lied about something that never happened so would you please tell them they where lying and Grant in my favour I’d be thrown out the door by my ear am suicidal anyway I may aswell just Jump off a bridge that’s how bad it is and that is sad

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