Dear Sir,

As charities representing millions of disabled people across the UK, we are extremely concerned about the life shattering changes the government is making to disability benefits.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is intended to financially support people with the increased cost of having a disability, but changes to the eligibility criteria mean that if people can walk more than just 20 metres with a stick they will no longer receive the highest rate of the benefit. Many of those that need this benefit the most will no longer qualify for the support they desperately need.

Over half a million people are set to lose out – and even more in years to come. Thousands will be forced to give up their car or other essential mobility equipment, thus potentially leaving work or education, or missing medical appointments.

Today court proceedings will begin to determine whether the government’s decision to make this change was unlawful. We believe it was, and we hope the court rules in favour of our view. Perhaps only then will the Government be inclined to reconsider.


Michelle Mitchell, MS Society

Steve Ford, Parkinson’s UK

Richard Hawkes, Scope

Liz Sayce OBE, Disability Rights UK

Susie Parsons, National AIDS Trust

Sonya Chowdhury, Action for M.E.

Dave Webber, Livability

Faryal Velmi , Transport for all

Judi Rhys, Arthritis Care

Ailsa Bosworth, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

Peter Corbett, Thomas Pocklington Trust

Teresa Catto-Smith, Autism in Scotland

Jeff Skipp, Deafblind UK

Andy Kerr, Sense Scotland

Ian Welsh, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Michael Kerin, St Josephs Hospice Hackney

5 thoughts on “Letter to Editor: Government in court over disability benefit changes

  1. I have c.o.p.d and have had it for many years so I have got worse I claimed pip and had an assessment 7 months later but then told the paper work had been lost and I would need a new assessment I had this in April I also have joint trouble and had operations on both hands and wrist I found this dreadful I felt like I was begging I have worked as a career all my life now I needed help I felt degraded by the whole process I was awarded the lower part of mobility because of this 20 Mt criteria what rubbish how can they assed you from one meeting they had all the medical information they needed, have they seen me when its cold or to hot my airways close and any walking is difficult how can a person who does not work with people with my condition no what you are capable of doing I had to ask my M P to get involved as it was taking so long to sort out ,and then to be told I would have to go through this again in two years time what a waist of time and money my complaint will only get worse and they are quite aware of this I feel let down by my own country.

  2. I suffer with chronic pancreatitis/type 2 diabetes/dystonia and arthritis in both knees,most of my ailments are internal,but,none the less extremely painfull on a daily basis,about a month ago I went to a trbunal and was found fit for work,because I could walk 200 meters,even though I’m in constant pain

  3. I am in the situation of loosing my car because of the PIP ruling. This will leave me house bound and unable tg get to Drs and ask for home visits , I’m sure Drs will find this bad and put pressure on there valuable time. House bound disbled people will become severely depressed. Life is difficult enough and now it’s a nightmare PIP is killing people’s independency i dare not think the effect s this is going to have on our disabled community.

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