The Government has announced that it will look again at the criteria for the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

The Disability Benefits Consortium are writing to David Cameron and Nick Clegg to raise our concerns at the changes, including the introduction of the 20 metre qualifying distance for the enhanced rate of the benefit. We believe this could cause large numbers of people to miss out on fundamental support.

The new criteria state that if people can walk just 20m (less than the length of two buses) – even using aids such as sticks – they won’t qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of the benefit. Nearly half a million disabled people will lose as much as £33.25 a week or, crucially, access to their Motability vehicle. The DBC strongly believe that the impact of the policy will include:

  • Disabled people dropping out of work, education or volunteering activities
  • Increased poverty and isolation of disabled people, with the associated risk of worsening health
  • Rising costs elsewhere, such as unemployment benefits, the Access to Work Scheme, social care and NHS

Please join us in writing to David Cameron and Nick Clegg about the 20 metre rule. The more people sign, the stronger chance we stand of challenging the policy.

Sign the letter today.

22 thoughts on “Sign DBC letter to Cameron and Clegg on PIP 20m rule

  1. i would like to see a clause in there about people with a learning disability who can walk but who can’t go out without a companion so therefore not being able to take advantage of walking.

  2. The 20 metre criterion is most unfair and discriminatory and needs to be scrapped. You, the government, are showing a totally ill-informed view about the impact of this legislation on those affected with degenerative conditions. And it demonstrates yet again how you are creating legislation without thinking through the impact of your changes

  3. I live in a ground floor flat, I was laid off work by my local council because I could no longer carry out my job discription. I have had my bathroom re fitted to a wet room, by the council, as I could no longer get in and out of the bath. The local Adult services provided me with hand rails and a bed stick. I have a disabled bay outside my home, from my chair to my mobility vehicle it is 23 meters. In the back of my car I keep my wheelchair. I use a walking stick, and the rails provided by adult services. Because of my car being 23 meters from my rise and recline chair, I,m in danger of losing what little independance I have. THANK YOU COALITION GOVERNMENT.

  4. Another example of just how low politicians will go. We stand to lose vital income, they get a pay rise. What happened to the phrase “We’re in this together”?

  5. And these people with incurable conditions are going to appeal and appeal……this will cost and cost and cost…..leave people with diagnoses such as M.S and Parkinsons alone !

  6. This most definitely needs to be re looked at. How can the critia change so much from DLA to PIP the person syndrome or disability doesn’t change overnight. It’s ridiculous really. It makes no common sense. Please review immediately.

  7. This is absolute rubbish!! My autistic child is isolated from the world as travelling and parking come with their difficulties! His behaviour is unpredictable when we go out, he has to know exactly what is happening! If I drive around and have to park miles away, more distress!! Unfortunately we stay home most of the time isolated from the world!

  8. Why do the government keep trying to make changes that will make people worse off? Living with someone who has a disability is a major task and often a heart-breaking one for the carer who already has to watch their loved one deteriorating and knowing they can’t do anything to stop it. Parkinson’s sufferers can fluctuate hour by hour so what they manage to do at one time they may not be able to do later on. Learn more about the illness and how it can affect each individual. My husband is on stage 4 out of 5 stages of Parkinson’s and he has got to this state in 5 years whereas others may take 10 years or more. If he loses his mobility money then we lose our car so you will be taking away his freedom as he would not be able to get out and about. He would not be safe travelling on a bus and we certainly couldn’t afford to use taxis or even run a car. His walking can be a shuffling movement or he freezes and cannot move at all. That is if he is not having falls and hurting himself.
    Making a 20 metre rule WILL cause many with Parkinson’s to lose out on money that they should be getting. Don’t make them suffer by taking away their freedom and independence.

  9. I am living in South West France upon advice from my Consultants! The Health Service over here respects the Disabled and Elderly and DO NOT put you through impossible tasks. The Doctors only have to look at me to see the way my body has changed to to my Disability and they can see the the DAMAGE on the X-RAYS. I can see my Doctor whenever I want and see the Consultants within 3 days at the local Hospital. Also, if an Operation is needed, it is WITHIN 3 weeks of seeing my Doctor! It is very nice to be treated like a HUMAN BEING and not an OLD PERSON OVER 60 YEARS OF AGE who has NO entiltlements whatsoever!

  10. The people who make up these ” rules” should try living the life of some people who are on benifits, ( most of whom wish they were not ) before they go thinking of even doing so!!!

  11. Wish they’d leave the needy alone & sort out the takers, who’s been robbing the system.

  12. Shocking! I rely heavily on my Blue Badge, please be sensible and rethink

  13. I lost my dla and now instead of having my husbands help .he had to work up to 65 hrs a week to keep us a roof over our heads . Since he started working extra hrs ive had 7 falls and fractred my foot bone .so .now find it even more difficult . Thank you for destroying so many disabled people life s

  14. yes they cut my son’s allowance said he was not disabled enough he is blind a grande mal epileptic has fits every day and brain damaged he needs 24 hour care all through the whooping cough inoculation at 11 months they say (the ministry) he could do a little job these people are not real

  15. The 20 metre rule will lead to misery and depression in our society and the quality of life will have a devastating effect on society.

  16. I have MS and cannot get about without my automatic car and I would be devistated if I was to loose it. My husband works longs hours and , has done all his life, so we’re not scroungers I just need some help from the state with this problem that I have. We have, after all payed into it.

  17. The 20 metre criterion is cruel and unfair and is having a devistating impact on disabled people’s lives.

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