The Disability Benefits Consortium has expressed deep concern about the impact of the government’s new ‘under-occupancy’ policy on disabled people and their families. The coalition of over 50 charities considers the policy to be discriminatory and is calling on the government to urgently reconsider its position.
Changes to the size criteria in housing benefit will reduce support given to those families in social housing considered to have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms. As a result, their benefit will be cut.
This policy will have a hugely detrimental impact on disabled people and their families. For example, children or adults in a couple who need a separate bedroom because of their disability will, as a result of these changes, have to share a room, leading to hardship for the families involved.
Government figures show that the ‘bedroom tax’ will affect 420,000 disabled people, their families and carers. The DBC wants the government to exempt disabled people and their families from the new size criteria where they have a genuine need for an additional bedroom.

What you can to do to help

Please write to David Cameron to tell him to stop the bedroom tax hurting disabled people.

2 thoughts on “DBC calls on Government to look again ‘bedroom tax’

  1. As an Inddependent advocate I have already encountered instances where people on Housing Benefit and Incapacity Benefit have had to apply for a transfer from a 3 bedroom flat to a 1 bedroom flat otherwise they will incur a charge of £28 per week out of there £90 per week benefit this can,t be right

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