The Disability Benefits Consortium have responded to the June 2012 DWP consultation on ‘DLA Reform and Personal Independence Payment: Completing the detailed design’. Our response raises concerns about the proposals on the detail of the PIP process, including payability of the benefit, the reassessment process, award durations and reviews, and the impact assessment.

Our fear is that a combination of an inadequate sample, a restrictive set of descriptors and weightings, undue haste and an ‘opt-in’ system will mean the DWP estimate of 500,000 disabled people likely to be made ineligible for support is conservative. Far more disabled people could lose out with dire consequences of individuals, families and even the ability to retain employment for some of the estimated 180,000 disabled people currently receiving DLA in work, as well as potentially representing a new and significant barrier to work for informal carers in the UK.

Download the DBC response to the PIP detailed design consultation, June 2012

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