DBC’s comment on uprating benefits

Chris Philp, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said the government has not yet decided if it will increase benefits in line with inflation, despite Rishi Sunak promising to do so when he was chancellor.

Anastasia Berry, Policy Manager at the MS Society and Policy Co-Chair of the DBC, says: “We are horrified that the Government is considering breaking a promise to disabled people while at the same time giving a tax break to millionaires. As the cost of living continues to rise, the pledge to raise benefits in line with inflation should not be up for debate. The Government’s mini-budget means that someone making £1 million will be £55,000 better off each year – in order to fund this they are now looking to take up to £1600 a year from disabled people, some of whom can’t afford food and medicine. 

“People living with disabilities, including many with MS, are already facing a hugely difficult winter and they need more, not less. Recent data shows one in five people with MS (19.6%) don’t have enough money to pay for the vital medication or treatments they need, meaning their symptoms could get dramatically worse. So far the new Government has dangerously overlooked disabled people and it must reaffirm the pledge made earlier this year to raise benefits in line with inflation. This should be the bare minimum to support those we know are already at breaking point.”